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Dominate your industry with a cutting edge SEO strategy that works.

Rock-solid SEO that grows your business.

Achieve insane boosts to traffic. Double, triple or even quadruple your sales. SEO can do this, and more. Our SEO specialists have amazed countless clients when they see how successful a finely tuned SEO campaign can be.

Unfortunately, we have also met businesses who have become suspicious of “SEO experts” who operate in secrecy and go missing in action, while telling you that “results take time”, and delivering nothing of value whatsoever.

That’s not us. We promise.

Explode your client base

With a proper SEO strategy, you can gain more traffic from users searching for your services. When you overtake your competition in google searches, you create more revenue streams. We’ve helped clients 3X their sales just by using our SEO services.

Dominate the Web

See your rankings rise to the top of Google with our SEO services. We help you achieve multiple first page rankings on numerous search terms and local directory listings. Crush your competition, and develop new ways to grow your sales with a new revenue stream.

Partner with honest experts

Some SEO companies bamboozle you with jargon, hype, and use “smoke and mirrors” tactics to mask a lack of results. With our transparent reporting system, you’ll know exactly where your money is going, and how we’re using it to grow your business using SEO. We guarantee real results, and won’t stop working until you get what you paid for.

We Use SEO to skyrocket your revenue instead of just rankings

You may ask: can SEO help me deliver tons of organic leads and revenue? Yes, it can. And that’s exactly what our SEO specialists do with their top-notch services.

We keep updated on Google Algorithms

Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms. Keeping up with this is often a severe roadblock to SEO success. SEO that is not up to date can cause declining rankings, lesser leads, and decreasing revenue. However, this shouldn’t stop you from investing in SEO. Done correctly, it can do absolute wonders to your bottom line. We’ve put endless research into getting best practice SEO techniques right down to an art. Our team taps into Google’s powerful tools and analytics to craft strategies that deliver targeted and high-quality traffic to your website.

What makes quality SEO different

Quality SEO is about employing intelligent strategies that emphasize the precise needs of your customers for your business. We harness the power of SEO to dominate a selected niche or a specific location. When Google looks on your site more favourably, you get a boost in rankings and increased search traffic.

What Makes Our SEO Agency Different?

Our team is up to date with search engine algorithms and knows precisely what to do to make sure that your business is in front of potential customers who are searching for your products and services online.

At Tovba, your website would be in the hands of experts with years of experience doing SEO. Moreover, our team is full of challenge hungry individuals who are passionate about what they do and have been generating business for many businesses like yours.

We don’t like to experiment with our client’s websites. We only focus on tried-and-tested strategies to give you what you’re paying for; customers. Everyone in the team assigned to your website is an SEO expert that uses our multi-tiered onsite and offsite strategy.

we partner the best in the world

What customers say

I love the way you guys work. Unlike other SEO companies, with you I know exactly what work is being done, while with other companies, you just hoped that they were doing what they said they were going to do!


Business Owner

Professional team of SEO experts. They know what they are doing. Escalations were handled professionally and pain points were addressed.



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FAQs about our SEO Services

SEO has been around for years now. It is merely a continuous process of optimizing a website’s performance and visibility on Google search engine results. In simple words, if a potential customer is looking for a product or service that you sell, you should appear among the top search results. SEO makes it convenient for audiences to look for your business. It is now one of the leading methods of all digital marketing strategies. SEO is in line with SEM, content, and social media marketing.

SEO brings organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, SEM is used to promote your website on search engines primarily through paid advertising.

In reality, both strategies work differently, even though they eventually serve the same purpose. Individually, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but when combined, they amplify the performance of both.

Onsite SEO is the process using which SEO experts make your website search-engine friendly. It is one of the major functions of SEO which involves improving specific factors such as pages, links, and content. In simple words, the more quality information search engines can obtain from your website, the greater the chances you’ll rank higher on the search index. Our process even goes as far as some manual coding if we feel that we need to improve the UI/UX, including navigations and loading speed.

Offsite SEO is a long process in which we promote your website online through link building. The aim of this is to strengthen your domain authority by having other websites link back to yours. Unlike many SEO specialists, we try to focus on link building with highly ranked websites because, in this line of work, quality trumps quantity. Once these websites link back to yours, Google will recognize your website as a leader in your industry.

Our Results Are Guaranteed

Tovba is one of the most trusted names. Backed by a reputation of success and guaranteed services that drive results, we will deliver the results you want.

With a team of expert technical specialists behind the wheel, we offer our 90-day ironclad guarantee, utilising state-of-the-art web marketing strategies and SEO Services, delivering tangible results your business expects.

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Dear Business Builder

How would you feel if your sales doubled within 3 months even with the same (or less) spending on your marketing?

Imagine skyrocketing profits.. Increasing bonuses… you don’t have to worry about chasing your next customer anymore, while enjoying a predictable stream of leads on autopilot.

We’re commonly known for turning every $1 of advertising into $3 of profits. We know fast-growth and future success are often through digital marketing, and we know how it’s done.

Here’s how we take your business from zero to hundred, FAST:

  1. Lock in time with one among our Digital Growth Specialists. They’ll guide you through a strategy session that audits your digital presence and put together an omnichannel digital marketing strategy (worth 50 pages)
  2. If you like what you hear, we pitch an idea that puts your business goals at the forefront
  3. Ready to take subsequent steps? Our team hits the ground running to realize your goals with digital marketing that works.

Best of all? We provide our strategy sessions for free.
But it’s not for everybody. After working with many business owners, we know a thing or two about what fits or what doesn’t.

Our free strategy sessions are available only for people whom we know we can add value to. In other words, businesses that:

See marketing as a revenue-driver, not a price centre
Can invest enough resources into their marketing (less than $2K monthly budget may be a no)
Want to partner with a compatible business – strong partnerships is how we assist you to get brilliant results

If all the above seems like you, let’s talk.

Chief Consultant
Media Mojo Pte Ltd