Our Services

Services offered by TovBa Singapore, including corporate set up, market research, digital marketing, AI automation, relocation assistance, and branding and design.

Corporate Set up

  • Establishment of corporate entities in Singapore and initiation of business bank accounts.
  • Coordination of agreement contracts between Singapore franchise brands and franchisee entrepreneurs.
  • Hiring of regional managers and personnel in Singapore.
  • Acquisition of equipment and furnishing for franchisee offices and storefronts in Singapore.
  • Leveraging the Singapore franchise headquarters’ tools for training, business establishment, promotion, and other essential services.
  • Assistance in securing property leases or purchases in Singapore for franchisee’s operational sites.
  • Processing and management of business manager visa requests in Singapore.
  • Continuous oversight, analysis of Singapore business activities, troubleshooting, and fostering growth.

Market Research

  • Market Segmentation in Singapore: Identifying specific consumer groups within Singapore’s diverse and multicultural population.
  • Competitive Analysis in Singapore: Evaluating businesses operating in Singapore’s competitive and highly globalized marketplace.
  • Trend Analysis in Singapore: Analyzing consumer trends unique to Singapore due to its mix of traditional and modern influences.
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis in Singapore: Studying the purchasing patterns of Singaporean consumers, who are known for being well-informed and discerning.
  • Product Research in Singapore: Assessing products or services’ viability within the sophisticated and diverse Singaporean market.
  • Advertising Effectiveness in Singapore: Measuring ad campaign impacts amidst Singapore’s dense media landscape and tech-savvy populace.
  • Pricing Research in Singapore: Determining optimal pricing in a market where consumers are sensitive to value, quality, and price.
  • Brand Perception and Awareness in Singapore: Evaluating how brands are perceived in a country renowned for its brand-conscious consumers.
  • Distribution Channel Analysis in Singapore: Assessing the efficiency of distribution networks in the city-state known for its robust logistics and infrastructure.
  • SWOT Analysis in Singapore: Conducting comprehensive evaluations considering Singapore’s strict regulatory environment, high consumer expectations, and opportunities from its strategic location in Asia.

Digital Marketing

  • SEO in Singapore: Optimizing websites to rank higher on search engines popular in Singapore for increased visibility.
  • Content Marketing in Singapore: Creating content that resonates with Singapore’s diverse and multicultural audience.
  • Social Media Marketing in Singapore: Utilizing popular social media platforms in Singapore to engage with the local audience.
  • Email Marketing in Singapore: Tailoring email campaigns to meet the preferences and expectations of Singaporean consumers.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in Singapore: Implementing PPC campaigns on platforms frequently used by Singaporeans.
  • Affiliate Marketing in Singapore: Collaborating with local influencers and affiliates to reach a broader audience.
  • Mobile Marketing in Singapore: Optimizing marketing efforts for mobile users, given the high mobile penetration rate in Singapore.
  • Analytics and Data Insights in Singapore: Analyzing data to glean insights on Singaporean consumer behavior and preferences.
  • E-commerce in Singapore: Enhancing online shopping experiences to cater to the tech-savvy and e-commerce inclined Singaporean market.
  • Digital Advertising Regulations in Singapore: Navigating and adhering to Singapore’s strict digital advertising rules and regulations.

AI Automation

  • AI Integration – Integrate AI into existing business systems
  • AI Software Development – Build tailored AI software for specific needs
  • Predictive Maintenance – Use AI to foresee and address maintenance needs
  • Data Analytics – Utilize AI for detailed and actionable business insights
  • Automated Customer Support – Implement AI chatbots for instant customer responses
  • Supply Chain Optimization – Apply AI for efficient supply chain management
  • Personalized Marketing – Employ AI to customize marketing efforts
  • Fraud Detection – Use AI to identify and mitigate fraud in real-time
  • AI in Recruitment – Automate recruitment processes with AI
  • Process Automation – Use AI to automate repetitive business tasks
  • Machine Learning in Ad Targeting in Singapore: Utilizing ML algorithms to optimize ad targeting and retargeting to Singaporean audiences.
  • AI in Content Creation in Singapore: Automating content creation that caters to the multicultural and multilingual Singaporean audience.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Singapore: Streamlining operational processes in businesses to enhance efficiency and productivity

Relocation to Singapore

  • Visa and Immigration Assistance
  • Property Rental Services
  • Hiring Domestic Helpers
  • Children’s Education and Schooling
  • Healthcare Services
  • Banking and Finance
  • Transportation Services
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Legal Services
  • Customs and Duties Assistance

Branding & Design

  • Photography: Offering professional photography services for products, events, and promotions. 
  • Web Design: Creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites.
  • Corporate Identity Design: Creating visual elements to represent your business identity.
  • Marketing Materials Design: Crafting brochures, flyers, and other promotional print materials.
  • Digital Branding: Enhancing online presence through various digital platforms.
  • Branded Merchandise: Designing customized apparel and promotional items.